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IBM UrbanCode Deploy for IBM Cloud Private now available

A containerized version of IBM UrbanCode Deploy is now available for IBM Cloud Private. IBM Cloud Private (ICP) is an enterprise-focused platform for managing on-premises, containerized applications. ICP includes the industry-leading container orchestrator Kubernetes, a private image registry, a management console, and monitoring frameworks.

ICP puts the benefits of a public cloud behind your firewall. ICP leverages the benefits of IBM’s public cloud, including rapid deployment, scalability, and elasticity, with the greater control and security of fixed resources. ICP provides an end-to-end solution for your applications, including popular open source frameworks and languages, built-in DevOps, integrated monitoring and enterprise solutions from the IBM data, analytics, and middleware portfolio, such as IBM UrbanCode Deploy. With ICP, you do not have to choose between cloud and security.

ICP is designed to address these most-needed use cases:

  • Cloud-enabled middleware Optimize applications to work with the cloud
  • Integration and hybrid cloud Open data centers to work with cloud services
  • New applications Create cloud-native applications

ICP core services are illustrated in the following architecture diagram

In a typical containerized topology of UrbanCode Deploy, you install the server Docker image in an ICP cluster and the database in an on-premises location or container. Agents can be installed in cloud environments, virtual machines (VMs), containers, or physical systems.

Download the installation file from IBM Passport Advantage. The Passport Advantage archive file contains a Docker image of the server along with a helm chart that you use to install the image. The installation files are also included in your IBM UrbanCode Deploy 6.2.7 Passport Advantage files.

These videos can get you started:
Running UrbanCode Deploy in ICP
Blue-Green Deployments with UrbanCode Deploy in ICP
Managing WAS Configuration with UrbanCode Deploy in ICP


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